Vijay Soni, Mechanical Systems Design Engineer | Let's Go! CAREERS


Vijay Soni is a Mechanical Systems Design Engineer for the 787 at Boeing in South Carolina. "A design engineer is someone who initially starts off with product development and then goes into a sustainment role, helping making sure that the entire factory and the build process is going as planned."

Vijay planned to pursue becoming a biomedical engineer, but two years into college, he switched his major to mechanical engineering. "As a mechanical engineer, there's really no limit as to what job you can have and what industry you can work in."

He started with Boeing initially with an internship on the C-17 program at the Air Force base in North Charleston. The following summer he received an internship with the quality engineering group at the 787 program. Now he works full-time. "Boeing has a lot of tools and training available to me to help me grow as an engineer throughout the years. And I'm very confident that within the next ten to twenty years I'll be as good as an engineer as anybody else out in the industry."


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