Annabelle & the CoGlo Amigos

Annabelle the colorful giraffe and her eclectic friends embark on colorful adventures to make learning fun.

Annabelle and her friends, the CoGlo Amigos, make learning fun for 4-year-olds. Each episode draws on South Carolina's Early Learning Standards. Storylines are developed with such competencies as approaches to learning and inquiry; physical development, self-help and motor skills; emotional and social development; mathematical thinking; and language and literacy development. Annabelle the giraffe, Leonard the lion, Glory the zebra, Rico the cheetah, Mingo Rose the elephant and Gazzie the gazelle navigate the first day of school, learn to garden, go to the dentist, and play soccer, among many other adventures.

A Day at School | Annabelle & the CoGlo Amigos


Join Annabelle and her friends as they embark on a day full of learning and excitement at school in A Day at School. Annabelle reflects on her favorite parts of the day which include Ms. Kitty using...
Meet Annabelle | Annabelle & the CoGlo Amigos


Get ready to be inspired and entertained by Annabelle and her friends in Meet Annabelle. Annabelle, a unique giraffe, believes in making every day the best day ever along with her vibrant group of...
Rise and Shine | Annabelle & the CoGlo Amigos


Join Annabelle on her cheerful school day adventure as she embraces the importance of being her best in Rise and Shine. With a lively tune, Annabelle rises and shines, greeting the world with...